How smart does your home need to be?

Erik van der Horst- CEO - SIL Products

By : Erik van der Horst - CEO - SIL Products

published : 6 - 6 - 2017

Smart home seems the new future. Suppliers are covering us under increasing functionalities and ideas, to secure our easy lives. However, for most you need to ask yourself what the real use is. Or, as Matt Emmi (OneButton) said, "they seem to be a whole bunch of solutions, looking for a problem."

It seems we are now really in the age of products that solve problems, we did not have before. Marketing is convincing us of their use, and slowly we get into the idea that we really need smart thermostat that switches the heat off when we leave and on when we come home. Even if it does cost 300 Euro and comes with a monthly subscription of 15 Euro. But… it does have a really nice design.

Smart home is a new word for many old products. A motion sensor that switches you lights on in the garden, a spring to close your door, a remote socket. All these products are available at reasonable prices. Now IT takes over and builds an App for them, the design is pimped, functions boosted (regardless if needed or not) and prices pushed to unbelievable levels.

My recommendation? Think before you buy and give it a little time. Prices will drop fast.

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