Product standards should be free

Erik van der Horst- CEO - SIL Products

By : Erik van der Horst - CEO - SIL Products

published : 6 - 6 - 2017

Already many years this is an ongoing discussion without ending. European regulations require manufacturers and importers to comply with directives. Since directives are only telling you to make a safe product standards are used by market surveillance to check if the product is in fact safe.

These standards are in most cases "voluntary", however they are used by market surveillance as strict guides. Failing the standard can lead to a sales stop or even a re-call. So this does make standards compulsory in my view.

The standardization companies do need to get paid. I understand that, but paying for a license for the standard limits companies in the accessibilty. Prices for these standards are high, even though they are shipped as pdf.


Some examples:
EN 60598-1 (luminaires general) Euro 307,94
EN 60598-2-20 (christmas lights) Euro 80,99
Now recently the EN60950 (IT equipment) is replaced by a new standard EN62368 part 1 is Euro 307,94 and part 2 another Euro 298,88


So to develop and produce a product the EU is actually making a barrier towards the trade by selling compulsory documents.
Luckily the Chinese are inventive and Baidu offers us a way out. But I prefer a legal way... Something for the EU to consider?

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