Under 18 entrepeneurs on the rise?

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Under 18 entrepeneurs on the rise?

A new generation of entrepreneurs is rapidly taking over, KIDS! The amount of under eighteen entrepreneurs seems to be quickly growing.

Especially Apps like Instagram, make it easy for kids to sell their products online. Usually these are home-made items. Like my daughter (12) and her friends. They are making rope products for horses and dogs, and selling these via Instagram. Officially, you need to be eighteen to have an Insta account, but obviously they have ways around that.

Those little entrepreneurs interested me, so I looked into the product group and similar products. Only to find there are many of these Instagram shops, run by kids. Selling home-made goods at low prices, but already doing their market research and having their online marketing campaigns. Some of them have a few hundred followers, where others have several thousands. Numbers that a “normal” store would be jealous of.

Obviously, they have a lot to learn about cost and pricing strategy, but learning quickly. It will be highly interesting to see how these entrepreneurs will develop themselves in the future, after starting at such a young age.

A very interesting trend, that is worth following!

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