Kids safe light range

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Kids safe light range

We designed a line of kids safety lights with a wall lamp, plug-in night light, projector-lights with six images and rechargeable plush toys. The whole line is based on our patented child safe USB-plug..


  • Plug-in night light

Our safe USB plug changes 230V to a safe 5V, and locks the socket for complete child safety.


  • Projector lights

With 5V-USB and six different images, our projector lights keep your child safe at night. Many designs are possible.

  • Wall lamps with sticker

Our 5V-USB wall lamps with wall stickers is easy to install. Various concepts are available, and many designs are possible.

  • Rechargeable plush toys

Our quick-charging, 5V-USB rechargeable plush toys are available in many designs. Because they are completely soft and turn off automatically after 90 seconds, they can be safely put in a child’s bedroom at night.